Analysis Of Common Refrigerants For Central Air Conditioning
- Apr 18, 2017 -

Analysis of Common Refrigerants for Central Air Conditioning

Refrigerant is the central air conditioning refrigeration cycle of the working medium, the

 refrigerant vaporization in the evaporator when the endothermic, condensed in the condenser when

 the heat cycle to achieve the purpose of cooling. Freon is the widely used refrigerant, it is a

 wide variety, in order to avoid writing its molecular type of trouble, but also to facilitate the

 memory, people developed a simplified code to represent a variety of freon refrigerant, such as

 R12, R22, R410A and so on. Now the central air conditioning used in R22 and R410A two different 


 What is R22 and R410A?

    R22 chemical called difluorochloromethane, is a member of the freon family, belonging to the

 hydrochlorofluorocarbons. Most of the refrigerants we currently use are R22. As this refrigerant

 has a great deal of harm to the ozone layer, according to the Montreal Protocol, will be fully

 eliminated by 2020.

    R410A is a new kind of refrigerant. R410A new refrigerant from two quasi-azeotropic mixture,

 mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements, with a stable, non-toxic, superior 

performance and so on. At the same time because there is no chlorine element, it will not react

 with ozone, that is, will not destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the use of new refrigerant

 air conditioning in terms of performance will have a certain increase. R410A is so far

 internationally recognized as the best alternative to R22 refrigerant, and in Europe and the 

United States, Japan and other countries get universal.

    R410A new refrigerant is not only environmentally friendly, but also improve air conditioning


    Why use R410A instead of R22

    1, R410A is low toxicity, showing no combustion propagation.

    2, R410A ozone layer failure coefficient is 0, R22 ozone layer destruction coefficient of


    3, the use of R410A, the system's total heat transfer characteristics than R22, it can improve

 the system efficiency, and reduce the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger.

    R410A and R22 have the following different characteristics:

    1, R410A is a mixture of HFC-32 (R32) and HFC-125 in 50% weight ratio, and is a nearly

 azeotropic mixed refrigerant. While R22 is a single substance refrigerant.

    2, R410A operating pressure than R22 about 50 ~ 70%.

    3, R410A than the R22 vapor density. For the same capacity of the system, the required 

refrigerant mass flow rate is the same. Since the gas piping is the same diameter, the flow rate

 of R410A is about 30% slower than that of R22.

    4, because R32 molecules with high polarity, so R410A more soluble than R22.

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